TaiWan Advanced Research and Education Network (TWAREN) is a network dedicated to the academic and research community in Taiwan and bringing advanced network services to universities, governmental offices and research institutions.

100G High Speed Backbone

Providing an ultra-high bandwidth of 100 Gbps to research and education, and further extensible to 9600 Gbps on future demands.

Fault-tolerant Network Architecture

In order to ensure the maximum reliability and availability, the core nodes are equipped with dual sets of network machines, with dual line cards installed in all GigaPOPs, and all served by dual physical circuits. Furthermore, TWAREN and TANet mutually back each other up with a 20 Gbps interconnection.

Multi-Layer Network Services

Providing advanced network services including dedicated bandwidth, virtual network and more. With the SDN capability incorporated, TWAREN supports SDN researches and is capable of bringing the SDN connectivity to top international SDN testbeds.

Full Connectivity to All International NRENs

Providing 30 Gbps bandwidth in total, connecting to all major national research and education networks in America, Europe and Asia. Through the transit of collaborated networks, TWAREN enables researchers to reach the research and education network of all countries around the world.