The TWAREN VPLS VPN service remotely connects multiple campuses and offices as if they were all in the same local area network. Thus resources can be effectively integrated.

The TWAREN SSL VPN service provides a secure way for users to access the local resources from outside as if they were in the office.
The TWAREN measurment new website has been open. 2010-03-30
TWAREN IPv6TV Platform again collaborated with the most advanced telemedical working group to deliver the endoscopy surgery video online! February 10-11, 2010 2010-02-23
TWAREN IPv6TV Platform helped broadcasting the ophthalmic surgery video from Czech hospitals to Taiwan alongside the 30,000 KM lightpath. January 21, 2010 2010-01-29
The achievements exhibition of NTP broadcasts in LIVE 2009-03-05
2008 TWAREN's New Services 2009-02-25
Four New International Research Networks Added to TWAREN 2008-01-03
Exhibition of NTP's achievement in decade 2009-03-03
Exhibition of NTP's achievement in decade 2009-03-03
27th APAN Meeting : Advanced Network Conference in Kaohsiu 2009-02-25
A new institute added - Transworld Institute of Technology 2008-02-13
A new institute added - ChungChou Institute of Technology 2007-11-26
A new IPv6-networked institution Added - Asia University 2007/10/19 2007-10-19